Contrary to popular belief

Meet the needs of one-generation distribution of cross-border e-commerce and e-commerce platforms both in China and U.S., warehousing, labels changing; provide high-end discount express accounts such as UPS, DHL and USPS.

Established integrity logistics enterprise; optimized IT system; rich experience; serving millions of clients worldwide.

The first USPS Chinese Express special agent in the US industry, cooperation for more than 7 years with perfect service system. Other cooperative express delivery includes UPS, FEDEX, DHL, and so on.



Seller's self-built warehouse weaknesses                  

High rental cost

Difficult team building and high management costs

Difficult and cost in system development

Lack of knowledge of local laws and regulations



Requirements for high-quality overseas warehouses

Reasonable layout

Self-employed warehouse

Flexible operating system

Executive power

Bilingual service



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Industry Analysis

Cross-border E-commerce Development Trends


Ye Feng

Mingming Wang


As a young and energetic team, Thunder International Group Inc. often organizes employees to plan and participate in some interesting and highly involved collective publicity activities. On the one hand, it brings fun to all our employees, and on the other hand, it enhances employees' understanding and love of corporate culture. In the Group's 5th Anniversary Celebration held in 2015 and 2016, the "Meet Guangdong Hongyuan" basketball confrontation co-hosted with 58 cities in the same city, sponsored by Hantian Satellite TV "Love!" During the shooting of the large-scale real-life show in California and the annual Los Angeles Chinese Business Industry Show, employees expressed their opinions, a clear division of labor, and completed tasks satisfactorily, while enhancing their sense of responsibility and belonging. In addition to large-scale activities, Thunder International Group Inc. focuses on strengthening the professional knowledge and skills of employees. In addition to arranging a full day of work, the regular morning meeting gives all employees scientific industry knowledge, update industry information, and deepen everyone's understanding of the upstream and downstream relationships in the entire supply chain, fundamentally improve service concept and sevice quality.


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