Shipping Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Cross-Border logistics services,
including but not limit to: 

Comprehensive Shipping Service
  • First-mile Air and Ocean Freight shipping
  • Last-Mile Distribution
  • E-Commerce Global Express Shipping
Domestic Weathering
  • A U.S. based Cross-Border logistics company with over 10 years of industrial experience, featuring 9 distribution centers across the United States.
Value-Added Services
  • Reverse Logistics and Refurbishment
  • Cross-Border E-Commerce Branding

Nationwide Fulfillment & Drop Shipping

Meet the distribution needs of Cross-Border E-Commerce platforms both in China and U.S., such as warehouse transfer, labeling, pick&pack and final-mile drop ship of UPS, Fedex and USPS, with discount rate.

  • Total Area: 1.5 million square feet
  • Comprehensive Security System
  • In-house Developed Overseas Warehouse System
  • Flexibility of FTL, LTL, Drop Shipping Services
  • OSHA Technical Certification
  • Collaboration with Mainstream Company Platforms
Fulfillment Dropship Service

Air & Ocean Freight Shipping Services

A secure, worry-free, one-stop international logistics service by leveraging robust customs brokerage/ freight shipping service to offer customers a comprehensive suite of logistics services.

  • Ocean Freight Package Price, Container Yard to Door
    (Ocean Freight + Customs Clearance + Port drayage) Duty & Customs Inspection at cost.
  • No hidden fee
  • One Stop and One Invoice Service
  • Direct Contract with Ocean Carrier
  • Warehouse Priority Devanning

Global Shipping

A well-established and trustworthy logistics enterprise with a robust and sophisticated IT system, boasting extensive experience in serving millions of customers worldwide. The first USPS Chinese Express special agent in the US, with a cooperation for more than 8 years complete with a perfect service system. Other cooperative express delivery companies include UPS, FEDEX, DHL, and so on.

  • In-house Developed Software System
  • Global Express Service Coverage: 200+ Countries & Regions
  • Flat-rate USA to China Shipping
  • Reputation Assurance, In-house Customs Clearance
  • Stable Delivery Time Guarantee

Industrial Inspection &
Maintenance Services

We are proud to announce the expansion of our logistics services to include an advanced suite of Reverse Logistics, Customized Quality Check, Refurbishment.

Customized Quality Check and Batch Improvement: 
Upon arrival, every product is subjected to a rigorous, customized quality check process. This bespoke approach enables us to accommodate the unique requirements of each customer. Moreover, should a batch of products present quality issues or not fully meet the destination market's requirements.

Refurbishment and Resale Service:
Our refurbishment service is designed not only to restore returned goods to their original condition but also to significantly reduce costs for our clients. we improve capital utilization and accelerate capital turnover rates.

Comprehensive Bonded Zones Reversed Logistics

The comprehensive bonded area established by the port of China offers tax and tariff policies.  This enables customers to conduct compliant return maintenance operations, reduce losses associated with returns, and enhance overall profit margins more efficiently.

Reverse Logistics:
Our reverse logistics service begins once the returned items, collected by leading carriers such as FedEx and UPS, reach our overseas warehouses.

Bonded Warehouse in Yantian, China:
This facility will help our customer to setup centralized processing center for worldwide returns. By incorporating these new services into our existing suite of solutions, we aim to offer an end-to-end logistics routine which covers full-chain service.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Branding

Conduct in-depth market research, assess target market needs, competitive landscapes, and trends, and assist clients in crafting offshore strategies to maximize opportunities. 

Facilitate e-commerce platform selection in target markets, boost brand awareness through social media promotion, and devise risk management and legal risk mitigation strategies.

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