“In this era of opportunities and challenges, each one of us is an essential part of Thunder International Group. I believe that it is with an outstanding team like yours that we can continuously exceed ourselves and create wonders. As we grow together in the future, I am eager to witness every team member's growth, collaborating hand in hand, and co-writing the magnificent story of Thunder International Group.”

– Ye Feng

Chief Executive Officer


“At Thunder, we firmly believe that our employees are the most valuable asset of the company. We treat every team member as a family member working in a supporting, family-oriented environment. Here, you will experience a culture of diversification, collaboration, and respectation. We embrace creativity and flexibility, as we understand that they are the driving force for our continuous growth.”

– MingMing Wang

Chief Financial Officer

Our Team

Ye Feng


Mingming Wang


Samantha Wang

Finance Department Director

Yang Song

Ocean Freight Department Director

Jerry Cong

Branch Operation Manager

Wendy Parsons

Branch Operation Manager

Ryan Yan

Branch Operation Manager

Hunter Qu

Branch Operation Manager

Jeff Mei

Branch Operation Manager

Changjie Li

General Manager of China Region

Sam Li

Operation Manager

Kevin Wang

Operation Manager

Eddy Li

Operation Manager

Yaoming Huang

Operation Manager

Eason Zhang

Operation Manager

Jack Zhu

Finance Department Manager

Emma Gui

Administrative Manager

Peggy Zhao

Marketing Manager

Wei Hu

Engineering Manager